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At Butler Hill Dental, we recognize the power of a bright, confident smile and its impact on your overall well-being. Discolored or yellowed teeth are common concerns that many face, and teeth whitening is a highly sought-after solution to achieve a luminous, rejuvenated smile. We offer professional teeth whitening services that are both effective and tailored to meet your individual needs.

Custom Whitening Solutions

We provide custom whitening trays, a superior option compared to over-the-counter methods. These trays are specifically designed to fit snugly over your teeth, ensuring that the whitening gel is applied evenly across all tooth surfaces. This not only leads to more consistent whitening results but also minimizes the risk of irritation to gums and soft tissues, making the process as comfortable as possible.

How Our Whitening Service Works

Our whitening process is streamlined for your convenience:

  1. Impression Taking: During your visit, we take precise impressions of your teeth which are used to create your personalized whitening trays.
  2. Tray Fabrication: The trays are crafted in a specialized dental lab. Once ready, you’ll visit us again to ensure they fit perfectly and feel comfortable.
  3. Whitening Process: The custom trays are used at home according to a schedule that fits your lifestyle—typically for 30 minutes to an hour each day. Depending on your teeth’s initial shade and your desired level of whiteness, the full process usually takes about two weeks.

Teeth Whitening

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Quality and Safety of Our Whitening Gels

The whitening gel used in our custom trays contains a safe and effective concentration of hydrogen peroxide. This active ingredient is excellent at breaking down both surface and deeper stains on your teeth without harmful side effects. Our dental team will provide comprehensive instructions on how to use your trays effectively, ensuring that you achieve the best possible results.

Advantages of Custom Whitening Trays

Choosing our custom whitening trays offers several benefits:

    • Cost-Effective: They provide a more affordable solution compared to in-office whitening treatments, with the flexibility to perform touch-ups at home.

    • Convenient: Tailor your whitening sessions around your schedule in the comfort of your own home.

    • Long-Lasting Results: With proper care, the results can be long-lasting, and trays can be reused for touch-ups as needed to maintain your bright smile.

Begin Your Journey to a Brighter Smile

If you’re ready to enhance your smile and boost your confidence with teeth whitening, Butler Hill Dental is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. We will guide you through the process, from initial assessment to final results, ensuring a personalized and satisfying whitening experience. Beyond teeth whitening, we offer a full range of dental services to help you maintain optimal oral health and a beautiful smile.


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